You need powerful images and videos. And you need to maintain safety. I’m an expert industrial photographer who can do both.

Brisbane Industrial Photography and Video Production

An inexperienced camera crew on an industrial site is a disaster waiting to happen.

I have qualifications in forensic science, fire and accident investigation. This means safety is built into everything I do. From the ground up.

That means I’m an expert industrial photographer/videographer and a safety specialist.

Photographers unaccustomed to working with safety controls are usually distracted by them.

I’m constantly working around moving plant, wearing hearing protection or managing fatigue. This means I work seamlessly, within your controls.

It also means I’m more focused on delivering an exceptional outcome because I’m not distracted by, say, the harness I’m wearing. And I won’t ask your people to do anything to compromise their safety.

I can help you navigate the complex process of getting a camera crew onto a restricted site.

I have a decade of safe work method statements (SWMS), job safety analyses (JSA’s) and risk analysis matrices to help get your dream project over the line.

I can be an intermediary between your marketing/project team and your safety crew. I can help get your project across the line.

Once I site, my forensic attention to detail means I notice all those things only a safety manager would. My experience means I know what controls are needed for every task.

That means 100% of the images and footage I give you are usable now and into the future. No culling because someone’s sleeves were rolled up.

My experience gives you dynamic and engaging images and videos. Your clients will

  • See your people are experts who can deliver complex projects
  • Learn your business is an industry leader
  • Know you’re the best choice for their needs

If you’re looking for an expert industrial photographer who can

  • Maintain your excellent safety record
  • Help get your project approved, and
  • Deliver exceptional images and videos

Ready for stunning images and videos, delivered safely?