Brisbane defence and industrial marketing expert, commercial photographer & video producer,  safety specialist and starchy carbohydrate lover

I’m Jen, a Brisbane defence and industrial marketing expert, commercial photographer and video producer. I can work safely in complex industrial environments. Safety and security are built into my processes from the ground up, not tacked on as an afterthought. Here’s a bit more about me

  • I have over a decade of experience working with industrial and defence businesses, small and large, which means I’m a specialist
  • I’m a qualified and experienced accident and fire investigator, which means I can work safely in any situation
  • I value relationships above all else, which means I always act with integrity
  • I’m a qualified and experienced forensic scientist, which means I value attention to detail
  • I write, paint, draw and sing in the shower (not all at once), which means my neighbours suffer but I value creativity
  • I read, study, practice and discuss marketing, video and photography which means I’m constantly upgrading my skills 
  • I’ve seen fire, death, disaster and The Wiggles in concert which means I’m at ease under pressure
  • I take my job (but not myself) seriously, I don’t cry over spilt milk, I play a game of two halves and I take it one shot at a time, which means I can spot a cliche and avoid them like the plague
  • I have hair my sister once described as ‘The Paddle Pop Lion being attacked by an angry possum’, which means I must work to pay for the therapy
  • I value the reputation of my business which means I’ll work my butt off to make sure you’re ecstatic with the outcome.
Portrait of Jen Dainer, Commercial, Industrial, Aviation Photographer and Video Producer, Brisbane. Sitting inside a jet engine

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