Your staff are real, interesting people. Your corporate portraits should reflect that.

Brisbane Staff Portraits

There’s no rule that says corporate portraits need to be boring, white background affairs. You’re allowed to have creative staff portraits. In fact, you should.

There are so many great options. Your people are experts, specialists with years of experience. Why not demonstrate that?

Why not photograph them doing their job? Or in an environment relevant to their job?

Let’s ditch the phrases ‘staff portrait’ and ‘corporate portrait’. Instead, let’s talk about environmental portraits. That means using backgrounds and locations relevant to your business.

They have so many benefits

  • People are more relaxed when they’re in an environment they know. The images will reflect this
  • They give your people and your business context
  • They start a conversation with your clients. Not a metaphorical one. An actual one. People comment on interesting portraits all the time. They’re great conversation starters.

I’ve got years of experience photographing all sorts of people. The most common thing I hear from people after I’ve taken their portrait is ‘well, that was painless’.

I shoot tethered to a tablet or laptop so everyone can see their images as they go, and together we can choose the winners. Giving people control over which images get released into the wild makes them much more relaxed and engaged in the process.

Want something different than the same corporate portraits you see everywhere? Ready for more creative staff portraits?