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CASE STUDY: Global Mining Client & Four Sites

Or: More SWMS Than Hot Dinners […]

CASE STUDY: Industrial Photos & Videos for Electrical Contractor JPR

OR: Is that guy standing sideways on the top of a telegraph pole? […]

CASE STUDY: Toowoomba Civil Construction Company, Newlands

OR: Build it and they will come […]

CASE STUDY: Airbus Group at Avalon Airshow

OR: Aviation Lamington: Defined […]

CASE STUDY: Week-long photographic assignment for Tourism & Events QLD

Or, Thank God I Packed Stretch Pants


A big part of Tourism and Events Queensland’s remit is to highlight hidden gems in QLD. While Noosa (particularly the Food and Wine Festival) is hardly a secret, Mary Valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is. TEQ wanted to highlight the Noosa Foodie Trail, but also the Mary Valley and its stunning vistas, gourmet local produce, and its burgeoning triathlon trail. […]

CASE STUDY: Creative Accountant Corporate Portraits, Brisbane

OR: Does this bowl cut suit me?


It can be hard for lawyers and accountants to get interesting staff portraits. For large firms, staff portrait day can resemble a sausage factory: stand here, smile, snap, NEXT! All your terrible school portrait nightmares burst forth into adulthood. Although, hopefully without the bowl cut.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The results of two of my accounting clients can attest to that. One a large multinational employing hundreds of people in Brisbane alone, the other a small, three partner firm […]

CASE STUDY: Shooting Stoddart Group’s Entire Business Line

OR: No, I’m not afraid of heights!


The Stoddart Group manufacture, supply and install steel house frames, roofing, cladding, fascia, guttering, garage doors and downpipes. They also supply and install solar energy solutions. They approached me with an old website that had almost no images of their people, manufacturing facilities, or expanded product line.

Being one of the last remaining large-scale manufacturers in Australia is a point of pride for them. And they wanted to photograph all of their products being manufactured, installed and in situ as completed […]

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