How my safety & security experience benefits you

Portrait of industrial photographer and video producer, Jen Dainer, in safety hard hat and overalls, shot on an industrial site in Brisbane

I regularly work on industrial sites

Camera crews that don’t understand safety and security may cause an accident or breach. Working with me means you don’t have to take that risk. Here’s why

  • This process starts well before I step on site. I integrate safety and security into everything I do.
  • Further, I know the risks I can introduce to your site and how to manage them. Therefore, I am actively managing risk; both yours and mine.

I can also future proof your images

How many times does a perfect photo get rejected because the subject has their sleeves rolled up? Or because some other safety breach is visible?

Safety standards can evolve, but the basics never change. My qualifications and experience mean I know the rules, regulations and industry standards around PPE and safe work practices.

Therefore, I pick up all those little things (sleeves) and all the big things (standing under suspended loads). So every image I deliver will meet industry safety standards.

Need an expert who can deliver spectacular images & videos safely?