CASE STUDY: Global Mining Client & Four Sites

Or: More SWMS Than Hot Dinners



My client is a global mining company that needed industrial photographs and drone footage of their operations across four sites in central eastern QLD for their marketing material.

They wanted shots of their people in action – not fake setups of people being posed for the camera.

My Client’s Problem

They needed access to four sites. They don’t manage any of them.

Getting site approvals was going to be tricky; four sites, different safety docos needed for each.

They’ve also had problems in the past with images being unusable because they showed workers with incomplete PPE or not working safely (e.g., standing under a suspended load).

My Solution

I’ve been working in the mining industry for over a decade.

I have SWMS ready to go and know industry standard PPE and safe work practices for open cut mining.

I know how close I can get to live operations, the best vantage points for hero shots, and how I can work without compromising safety or production.

The Outcome

  • Getting access to all four sites was seamless
  • The client has a cache of powerful images they can use for years