CASE STUDY: Brisbane Airport Image Library Update

My Client’s Problem

Brisbane Airport publishes a staggering amount of material each year. But it’s not economical to hire a photographer every single time they need one shot.

So, they rely on an image library. Every 2 – 3 years they refresh the library.

To do that they create a comprehensive shot list which takes about 10 – 12 days to complete, at varying times of day and night, in both secure and public areas.

So they need someone who has experience working in secure/sterile zones at an airport, who can work largely unassisted. And someone who understands airside operations so can be safe on a live airfield.

‘In our business, we needed someone who was extremely flexible. Jen’s laid back approach and willingness to just get on with it makes her a dream to work with…’

My Solution

I’m experienced at handling complex projects so I’m efficient. I can analyse the shot list, break it down into its component parts and minimise disruption to the workplace.

My experience, qualifications and aviation security clearance (ASIC) mean Brisbane Airport can trust me to work safely on their site.

My years of shooting with the airport mean I understand their operations in detail and I’ve got good relationships all across the site, so I can dive in and get the job done. It also means I know the best time of day to capture what they’re after.

The Outcome

  • I developed a detailed plan of how to tackle the shot list and worked with the client to deliver it.
  • The library is flexible and useful for across the whole airport; social platforms, press, graphic designers, PR and advertising
  • Brisbane Airport has trusted me to do three library updates so far, 2013, 2015 and 2018. Each time we take a different approach, so the library stays fresh.