Specialist aviation, industrial and Defence photography and video production

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Security protocols, clearances and safety considerations can make Defence-based media projects difficult to navigate.

I can work seamlessly with with combined industry-Defence teams, on complex projects, bridging the needs of both you and your clients/stakeholders.

I can deliver powerful projects that don’t compromise security.

Read more about my defence industry experience here.


The complex mix of stakeholders, safety, security and legislation can make it hard to get aviation media projects off the ground.

Recently completed long-term projects with Brisbane Airport and Airbus & Army Aviation are great examples of how I can navigate this sector.

You get exceptional results delivered in highly complex environments.

Read the Brisbane Airport & Airbus & Army Aviation case studies.


I’m a qualified forensic scientist, accident investigator and fire investigator. That means I know what can go wrong on site, and how to prevent it.

It also means I know what safety violations look like in an image. Safety and security are built into everything I do. From the ground up.

The product you get from me is compliant, now and into the future.

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