Eric and Erik

Starting a business: Hardest F*^%#$ thing I’ve ever done in my life. Without fail. I had skills, talent and an idea. But I had no clue how to talk to clients, get clients, win jobs, quote for work, dress for shoots even! Boy, those early days of wearing Lycra superhero outfits to shoots were aaawkwaaaard… Now they’re over I think back to the things that have brought me the success I enjoy today. Number one on that list is mentoring. Actually, it’s not. Good food and red wine are equal number one. But mentoring is definitely right behind them.

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ARH for Aus Aero

I'm a firm believer in achieving everything you possibly can in camera, and only do what you absolutely have to in Photoshop (or 'post production'). But sometimes even I have to eat my words when the opportunity presents itself. And recently it did.

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Interactive Display? My A%$#

We've all been there. Those visitors centres. You know. The one's that make you believe taking a cheese grater to your eyeballs would be more enjoyable. Don't tell me a little piece of you hasn't died when you've seen the words 'interactive display' written on a photocopied clip art flyer. But I found one that will rip your prissy little throat out.

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