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Hi! I’m Jen Dainer – Brisbane Commercial Photographer and Video Producer

Brisbane commercial photographer & video producer Jen Dainer loves dark chocolate and 80s music videos (mostly for the legwarmers). What she doesn’t love is talking about herself in the third person. But she finds it hard to write good copy that makes it easy for customers to find her without sounding like a total knob. Oh well… here goes. My approach to photography and video production is simple. First I help you figure out what you’re trying to achieve (your goal). Then together we figure out the best way to get there.

Usually, the best approach is to tell a story. You’re in business to make your customers lives easier. Tell that story. If you do, your customers will remember you and set you apart from your competitors. Every business has a story and I’m the perfect person to help you tell it. I create bold, dynamic images and videos that can help build your business. I’m also a safety and security expert who works regularly in complex environments. So if you’re looking for a highly skilled, creative commercial photographer or video producer in Brisbane, get in touch. You can read more about my story below…

Well, that wasn’t so bad. But I could do with a cup of tea.

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My Story

I used to be a forensic scientist and accident investigator. Turns out cadavers are terrible conversationalists. So I combined what I’m good at (investigation, photography, video production, and safety) with what I love (aviation, architectureinterior design, all things industrial). This is a pretty good combination for my job as a corporate photographer and video producer.

CSI will have you believe all us forensic nerds got around in high heels and white pant suits shooting bad guys. Alas, we do not. These days I do shoot people but it’s never fatal. It’s just really smart people doing really interesting things in really cool places.

And I’ve never worn a white pantsuit in my life. #DarkChocolate.

Using Stories

People remember stories better than facts. Because stories create emotional connections and people recall feelings much easier than information. Tell your customers a cracking story and they’ll like and trust you. They’ll also remember what’s special about you, and why they should choose you.

Most people remember my story;

  • ‘Ranga
  • Former forensic scientist
  • Commercial photographer
  • Moral opposition to white pantsuits
  • Safety and security expert who can film and photograph in really complex environments
  • Easily bribed with dark chocolate

It’s my story and I’m really proud of it. And people remember it because it’s different to most other commercial photographers. I haven’t met any other’s in Australia with my skill set.

Your Story

Think your story is boring? Don’t really know what it is? I can help.

I’m yet to find a business that hasn’t got something unique and interesting to say that’s more than just ‘this is what we do’. You’re in business to make your customers lives easier. Tell that story. If you do, your customers will remember you and set you apart from your competitors.

Need a little inspiration? Check out some of my work.  Or, call me and we’ll chat. Every business has a story. And I’m the perfect person to help you tell it.