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Hi! I’m Jen Dainer

Brisbane commercial, industrial, architecture, portrait photographer & video producer. Ranga.

My Story

I help you communicate better with you customers. I do this by creating videos & images that tell your story. But first, let me tell mine: I used to be a forensic scientist and accident investigator. Turns out cadavers make terrible conversationalists. So I took stock of my skills; investigator, photographer, video producer and safety expert. I combined that with what I love; aviation, architecture, interior design and all things industrial). I now apply all those skills to my job as a specialist Brisbane commercial photographer. I’ve got extensive experience as an industrial photographer, architecture photographer, portrait photographer and video producer.

CSI will have you believe all us forensic nerds got around in high heels and white pant suits shooting bad guys. Alas, we do not. These days I do shoot people but it’s never fatal. It’s just really smart people doing really interesting things in really cool places.

And I’ve never worn a white pant suit in my life. I love dark chocolate too much.


Using Stories

People remember a story much easier than they remember facts. Telling your story helps your customers remember what’s special about you. They’ll understand the benefits of working with you, more than just what products you offer or how much you charge. This makes you the clear choice over your competitors.

Most people remember my story. I’m the ranga who used to be a forensic scientist. I’m a safety and security expert who can integrate photo and video capture onto really complex industrial sites. I can be easily bribed with dark chocolate. It’s my story and I’m really proud of it. And people remember it. Because it’s different to most other industrial or commercial photographers.

People form connections and questions in their mind when they hear something interesting. And they remember those things better than if you’d just told them a bunch of facts.

Your Story

I bet you think your story is boring. I guarantee it’s not. I’m yet to find a business that hasn’t got something unique and interesting to say that’s more than just ‘this is what we do’. It’s the ‘here’s why we do it’.  That’s the interesting part. It’s why your customers will connect with you. And that’s what will set you apart from your competitors.

Have no idea what your story really is? Or just need some help telling it? Call me; let’s chat. Every business has a story. And I’m the perfect person to help you tell it.