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Expertise in Site Safety and Security

Using a camera crew that doesn’t understand safety and security means compromise; maintain safety and get boring images, or take a risk and get fabulous images. If you work with me, an experienced safety photographer & video producer, you can have both.

I do more than just memorise site rules. I integrate safety and security into my everyday work practices

Here’s how my experience will benefit you:

I’m a trained accident investigator

I know what can go wrong and make adjustments beforehand. This process starts well before I step on site. Incident prevention is at the core of the ICAM accident investigation model I use. Therefore, safety and security aren’t just an afterthought. They are fully integrated into my job.  This means I’m well prepared to cope with risks specific to your site.

Man using water testing device to test water quality at Brisbane Airport, Queensland

As an experienced safety photographer and video producer, I integrate the principles of safety and security into my workflow

I can safely integrate photography & video production into complex work sites

Having a camera crew on-site can be a huge unknown. A photographer looking through a viewfinder has narrowed visibility. Combine this with a forklift and there’s now a risk the operator doesn’t expect. However, this is easily managed. We can isolate the area, use a spotter, manage traffic and brief the operator. I know the risks beforehand and I have a plan to manage them.

I regularly work in heavy industrial environments. I know the risks I can introduce to your site and how to manage them. Therefore, I am actively managing risk; both yours and mine.

Person conducting arc welding with sparks visible in the image

Operating safely doesn’t mean getting boring images. You just need experience in how to manage risk when filming and photographing. 

I can help future proof your images and videos

Do you have images that show people with their sleeves rolled up? Or video footage where a task isn’t being performed to standard? Small details can make visual assets useless. Maybe the protocol changed. But more likely the camera operator didn’t recognise the problem during the shoot.

I get a full brief from your safety team before each shoot. We talk about PPE, safe work methods and I always shoot to those.  This is how I can future proof your images.

ARH Tiger - Airbus Group Asia Pacific

I regularly work with defence contractors and can ensure we operate well within your obligations.

I can maintain the integrity of defence contracts and NDA’s

Security protocols can severely limit how and what we can shoot. This doesn’t mean strong visual content is impossible. It just means we have to think laterally. I’ve got years of experience photographing in secure areas, particularly in aviation. Therefore, I can help you achieve spectacular images without compromising security. 

No secure data need leave your site

I regularly produce content for defence and ‘commercial in confidence’ audiences. I can produce images and fully edited videos 100% on location. This means no data need leave your site. Alternatively, I have an offsite workflow that is 100% isolated (not connected to the internet). Therefore, I can maintain the integrity of your data when editing offsite.

Safety and security are relevant across all industries, including

I film and photograph

  • People
  • Plant and equipment
  • Infrastructure, buildings, and interiors
  • Technology and processes

I know each site is different. Conditions can change rapidly. But most of my clients have very high-level safety and security requirements, and I’m an experienced accident investigator. This means I’m highly attuned to what can go wrong and I’m always working to prevent it. I use my skills as a storyteller and investigator to craft the narrative you’re trying to tell. I combine all this with my years of experience as a commercial photographer and video producer. Therefore, I’m able to produce stunning images and videos, relevant to your clients. All while maintaining safety and security.