The Secret Space

//The Secret Space

Optimus Prime, Curtain Rods & Phone Chargers…

I photograph a fair bit for interior designers here in Brisbane, particularly Sterling Interior Design, which is run by Alex Honey.  Alex is what I like to call a ‘Real World Designer’.  She designs for people who love beautiful spaces, but who also have kids. And pets. And lives.  Alex knows that if you did have a bowl of perfectly styled limes on your kitchen bench it’s likely you’d find Optimus Prime, the end of a curtain rod, and a phone charger in there as well.

Light and shadow detail on refreshed patio of Queenslander

A wonderful place to read the paper on a Saturday morning with the fresh breeze and lovely natural light

At least, that’s what splits the rent with the fruit in my bowl.  In short, Alex designs for people like me.

At a recent job I did for her in the northern suburbs of Brisbane I fell in love with this space and just wanted to inhabit it with a cup of tea, letting the afternoon sun warm my bones.

Queenslander in Brisbane freshly painted with great landscaping detail

Freshly painted exterior really lifts this Queenslander

I’m definitely an extrovert, but I love the idea of having a private sanctuary where that introverted part of me can recharge.  A place like this would be perfect – it’s not something out of a magazine that I’d be afraid to let my dog sit on, or where my (eaten straight from the tin) milo and spoon would look out of place.

I’ve been telling Alex for about 2 years that I want to get my kitchen renovated. She tells me whenever I’m brave enough to let her see my house in all its random-end-of-curtain-rods-and-battery-charger-glory, she’ll be ready to design it.

Patterned shadow detail created by lattice boarding on deck of Queenslander

Lighting creates detail and mood of this wonderful space.

I’ll just have to give the kitchen bench a wipe down first.

The Secret Space_03

Front entry staircase of Queenslander photographed in Brisbane

Queenslander with beautiful entry freshly painted

The Secret Space_04