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Qualifications – Jen Dainer

I have all kinds of qualifications, training, and experience in forensic science, investigation, safety, photography and video production. The full list is below if you want the detail. But the most important thing about all this experience is how it helps us achieve a great result together.

Qualifications: Jen Dainer - Commercial Photographer and Video Producer, Brisbane

I tend to work backwards

Most pro photographers and videographers plan the photo or video first. They sort out locations, interview subjects, gear, time of day, etc. My training as a forensic scientist gives me a different perspective. I tend to look first at the problem we’re trying to solve. I design the end result around what we’re trying to achieve. We need to know what action you want your clients to take when they see the video or images. It could be anything from increasing web traffic to creating trust between you and your clients. Whatever it is we’ll figure it out together and build a plan from that.

Then I work forward

In my experience people respond strongly to two things:

  • Stories
  • Things that make their lives easier

Therefore, the most powerful thing you can do is combine the two. Tell your customers a story about how you can make their lives easier and they will take action. My scriptwriting experience means I can figure out the best way to tell your story in a way that’s relevant and interesting to your clients.

Then I work… a bit sideways

We can have the clearest goal, the best plan, and the most relevant story. But if the final concept isn’t creative all we’ve done is produce the visual porridge. Here’s where my experience as a commercial video producer and photographer takes over. And this is the most exciting part! We dream up vibrant, creative concepts. This is the last piece of the puzzle we need to make your clients remember you and take action.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours – First Class) in Applied Chemistry from the University of Technology, Sydney
  • Graduate Certificate in Fire Investigation (Structural and Wildfire), from Charles Sturt University
  • RIIOHS301A – Conduct Safety and Health Investigations (for Resource and Construction Industries)
  • BSBWHS505A – Investigate WHS Incidents (for Business Mgt.)
  • PMAOHS301B – Investigate Incidents (for Petrochemical Industry)
  • TLIF5017A – Investigate Rail Safety Incidents (for Rail Industry)
  • RIIOHS204A – Work Safely at Heights
  • Construction White Card
  • Contact me for information about my aviation and security clearances