Executive Portraits – The No BS Approach

Photographing CEO’s can be tricky because as a photographer you’re just one more leech on their in another relentless back-to-back day.  It's tricky to balance the minimum time / maximum quality equation when photographing CEO’s. Here's how I do it.

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A Very Personal Post

Last weekend I asked everyone on a local photography forum ‘Sooo… what’s everyone shooting this weekend?’ I asked the question knowing I wouldn't be shooting anything that weekend.

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Visual Literacy

Roughly translated, 'Visual Literacy' means a person who can tell you exactly why your image is shit. When you find people like this, listen to them.

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My partner said to me yesterday 'you just used the word "bespoke" in general conversation'. I've been photographing a lot of architecture lately, which means I've been hanging around architects quite a bit. One in particular, who I hold utterly responsible for this present flourish of verbosity. But he's a bloody good architect. And he engages me to photograph his residential & commercial buildings here in Brisbane. So all is, of course, forgiven.

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The Secret Space

I photograph a fair bit for interior designers here in Brisbane, particularly Sterling Interior Design, which is run by Alex Honey. Alex is what I like to call a 'Real World Designer'. She designs for people who love beautiful spaces, but who also have kids. And pets. And lives. Alex knows that if you did have a bowl of perfectly styled limes on your kitchen bench it's likely you'd find Optimus Prime, the end of a curtain rod, and a phone charger in there as well.

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Westpac Surf Lifesaving Rescue Helicopter QLD

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how many times you've done something it never loses it's appeal. Flying in a helicopter is one of those things for me. Sure, they have the aerodynamic prowess of Barry White being launched from a canon, but hey. I'm game. Particularly when the pilot's name is Peter Bird. I kid you not. Peter is the Chief Pilot of the Surf Lifesaving Helicopter and has over 40 years experience flying helicopters. Also, he's one of the most calm and clear thinking pilots I've ever flown with.

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Vocal Manoeuvres

The Universe has blessed me with many talents; the capacity to sleep on planes, hair like the paddle pop lion, the ability to make a whole bag of m&m's disappear instantaneously. Unfortunately I cannot count singing among these wondrous gifts. Fortunately all the choristers at Vocal Manoeuvres can. I'm not one to wax lyrical. Usually if I'm waxing anything is sarcasm, or leg hair. But permit me this one time as I try and describe my experience shooting choir group Vocal Manoeuvres at St Stephen's Cathedral in the Brisbane CBD.

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