Aerial Photography and Video Production

//Aerial Photography and Video Production

CASE STUDY: Aerial Photography and Video Production


Sometimes, you just need an aerial perspective. And sure, you can put a drone in the air. Sometimes. And you may even get a great result. But CASA restrictions mean you can’t always launch a drone. And if you want to shoot other aircraft you definitely can’t use a drone.

You need someone with experience and specialist equipment. In short, you need an aerial cinematographer and aerial photographer.

My Client’s Problem

My clients, Airbus Helicopters, Pterodactyl Helicopters and the Australian Army, demand exceptionally smooth footage and dynamic photographs. Often there’s only one chance to get the images they’re after. So I have to get it right. First time, every time. They also need someone who can operate safely in a commercial and military aviation environment. Quite often I’m directing pilots in a multi-aircraft formation. I need to understand how to position multiple aircraft so it looks incredible. But it also has to be safe.

My Solution

I combine two things

  1. Over a decade of industrial and aviation filming/photography experience
  2. Specialist equipment (gyroscopes, cinema cameras, and professional sports stills cameras)

Experience + skill means I can deliver powerful results, safely. I understand what looks sexy, how to make things appear dynamic without taking risks, and how to build a story around the images so it’s not just a handful of aircraft shots. And I’m one of the only commercial photographers and cinematographers in Australia with approval to fly in military helicopters.

The Outcome

The results speak for themselves

  • Dynamic images and videos
  • An exemplary safety record, and
  • Satisfied customers who get a result no-one else has been able to deliver.

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